Genetic believes that implementing a comprehensive student support services not only adds value to the holistic educational experience of the students but also promotes the sense of “belongingness”.

We want our students to feel that they are not alone in their educational journey.

Genetic provides various student support services including an avenue for students to receive appropriate counselling for their academic and emotional needs.

1. Pre-Course Counselling

Genetic arranges pre-course counselling for prospective students. This is to ensure that students understand all information on the course before enrolment.

Students will be informed of the following but are not limited to:

  • About Genetic Computer School
  • Vision and Mission
  • Values and Culture
  • Board of Academics and Board of Examiners
  • Academic Program and Progression Pathway
  • Facilities and Infrastructure
  • Application Requirements
  • Selection and Admission Procedure
  • Course Information (LO, Modules, etc.)
  • Type of Certification awarded at the end of the course
  • Opportunities for further education after graduation or job prospect after graduation
  • Total Payable Fee throughout the course duration
  • Student Contract Clauses
  • Reference to CPE official website
  • Fee Protection Scheme and Payment Modes
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Awards Criteria and Minimum Academic Standards
  • Student Support Services

Students can request a copy of the Pre-Course Counselling Material from the Manager of Admin/SAE.

Students can approach our Staff and/or Manager of Admin for more information on the courses.

2. Orientation

Genetic Computer School conducts student orientation for all newly-enrolled students.

After the student signs the contract, the Manager of Admin/Senior Admin Executive (SAE) arranges a date and time to conduct the orientation.

During orientation the students are informed of the following but are not limited to:

  • General Information of Genetic Computer School
  • Vision, Mission and Values & Culture
  • Board of Academics/ Board of Examiners
  • Organization Chart §Academic Program/ Progression Pathway
  • Facilities and Infrastructure
  • Rules & Regulations
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Minimum Academic Standards
  • Student Support Services
  • Location
  • Contact Information

For more details on the student orientation contents, students can request a copy of the Student Orientation Slides from the Manager of Admin/SAE.

3. Academic Counselling

The Programme Director/Head of Academics identifies students who need academic counselling as per recommendations by the assigned lecturers and/or Manager of Admin.

The Head of Academics will initiate a meeting with the Teaching and Learning Committee to address and support students’ academic needs.

During academic counselling the following information are recorded in the Student Academic Counselling Form:

  • Reasons for Counselling (E.g., poor attendance, poor results, behavior in class, etc.)
  • Information whether the student has/student is having difficulty meeting the demands of the course
  • Corrective actions (if any)
  • Principal/Counsellor comments & acknowledgement
  • Student’s comments on the counselling & acknowledgement
  • Follow-up sessions (if needed)

Genetic regularly reviews the counselling and advice services provided to the students for continual improvement and to maintain high standards of the service.

4. Pastoral Counselling

  • Information about the pastoral counselling and academic counselling services is communicated to the students during the pre-course counselling, course counselling, student orientation, student handbook and/or on the website.
  • The appointed counsellors are responsible for implementing the pastoral counselling framework of the school.
  • All concerns and counselling of the students will be recorded in Student Counselling and Advice Form. The counsellor will evaluate, counsel, and resolve the problems. These may be attributed to study stress, emotional and personal problems, adjustments, coping with various personal and social problems, etc.

Genetic Computer School’s counselling services includes:

  • Providing emotional support for students to help them cope with mental stress relating to a new environment or course demands;
  • Implementing programs to create a culture and climate of care, trust and friendliness that encourage student attendance and involvement.


Personal counselling records shall be treated as confidential documents. All the appointed counsellors shall protect and safeguard the personal information shared by the students.

Student Support Service or call Help Line

Student may seek academic and pastoral counselling advice from Ms. Linda (person-in-charge of Student Counselling) via email at or call Student helpline at +65 9017 3403 to speak to Ms. Linda

5. Student Activities

  • The school arranges activities for the students every quarter of the year or in accordance with the set student activity plan. The activities include recreational, social, community and knowledge creations.
  • Information on the activities are sent to students via e-mail and/or displayed on the notice board and/or website.
  • Students may contact the Manager of Admin/SAE and/or Lecturer to know more about the events.

6. Academic Support and Advice

  • In cases where students require academic support and advice, the Lecturer is available for enquiries before and after class.
  • During orientation, students are advised to discuss with the assigned lecturer or any available lecturers about any concerns pertaining to lessons, classes, and academic matters.
  • Lecturers will reply to e-mails pertaining to academic concerns within 1-3 working days.
  • In cases of weak students, the assigned lecturer monitors them through the results of formative assessments and/or in-class performance and participation. If necessary, lecturer proposes an extra class for the student(s) to the TLC.
  • The TLC reviews, evaluate and approve the proposed extra classes for the weak students.
  • Lecturer/SAE communicates through e-mail, notification board and/or verbally the extra classes arranged for the weak students.
  • Weak students attend the class according to the approved extra class schedule by the TLC.

7. Career Advice and Guidance

  • The Manager of Admin/SAE/Lecturer provides advice on career upon enquiry and request by the student.
  • For all requests from large and small employers seeking qualified personnel, the Manager of Admin/SAE/Lecturer will post information on the notice board, website, social media accounts and/or in any appropriate communication channels but does not guarantee any job placement.

8. Student Learning Programme

Student Learning Programme and/or support can be the following but are not limited to:

  • Make up classes/extra classes
  • More practice activities for the Module
  • Assigning a study partner/buddy
  • Appointing a class leader to assist lecturer and help weak students


  • The lecturer arranges formative and summative assessment which are based on the approved learning outcomes to determine the student’s academic performance.
  • The lecturer provides a periodic progress report to the students on the academic achievements and non-academic achievements.

Academic Achievements

Academic AchievementFrequency of providing the progress reportProvided byCommunication Channel
Formative Assessment ResultsWithin 1 week after the last day of assessmentLecturerPrinted copy or E-mail or Edmodo
Summative Assessment ResultsWithin months after the last day of assessmentManager of AdminPrinted copy or E-mail
Assignments, Class Activities, Projects, etc. ResultsFeedback and results will be given within 1-3 days after it is evaluated and markedLecturerPrinted Copy or E-mail or LMS (E.g. MoodleCloud)

Non-Academic Achievement

Non-Academic Achievement ReportNon-academic achievements (E.g., events/workshops and/or holistic programmed attended) are provided to students on a quarterly basis (every 3 months)

9. Pre-Departure Guide

During the pre-course counselling, the Manager of Admin/SAE will inform and explain thoroughly to the students on:

  • student support services on the pre-departure guide; and
  • the hard copy of the instructions on the pre-departure guide which will be sent to the students via e-mail.

10. Airport Pick-up and Accommodation

  • If the student request for airport pick-up service and accommodation, Manager of Admin/SAE sends the softcopy of the Airport Pick-up Service and Accommodation Request form.
  • The student fills and submits the request form to the Manager of Admin/SAE 2 weeks prior to the scheduled arrival date.
  • Manager of Admin/SAE confirms pick-up service and accommodation requests within 3 working days upon the date of the receipt.
  • Manager of Admin/SAE after confirming the student’s requests will book for airport pick-up service and arranges accommodation according to the filled information in the request form.
  • Once the airport pick-up service booking and accommodation is agreed and settled, the student prepares the required airport pick-up and accommodation payments on the day of arrival.

Other Student Support Services

  • Information on Singapore Cost of Living
  • Information on Singapore Statutory Laws
  • Information on amenities within close proximity of GCS premises
  • Important Contact Telephone Numbers
  • List of Helpline Numbers
  • Service Guarantee and Standards
  • Student Helpdesk and Helpline

Please refer to the Student Orientation Slides and the Comprehensive List of Student Support Services for the detailed information of each item above. Please request it from the Manager of Admin/SAE.