The student support services which will be provided by the school are the following but are not limited to:

  1. Pre– Course Counselling
  2. Student Orientation Programme
  3. Application for the Student Pass
  4. Resource Reference Room
  5. Student Activities
  6. Wireless Internet Connection
  7. Academic Support and Advice
  8. Pastoral and Academic Counselling
  9. Pre-Departure Guide
  10. Airport Pick-up service and Accommodation
  11. Student Learning Programme
  12. Career Advice and Guidance
  13. Other Student Support Services and Facilities
    • Information on Singapore Cost of Living
    • Information on Singapore Statutory Laws
    • Information on Amenities within close proximity of GCS premises
    • Important Contact Telephone Numbers
    • List of Helpline Numbers
    • Service Guarantee and Standards
    • Student Helpdesk and Helpline

Please refer to the Student Orientation Slides and the Comprehensive List of Student Support Services for the detailed information of each items above.