1.Students are encouraged to communicate actively with Genetic Computer School through the following channels:

  • Face-to-Face
  • Telephone Call at 6339-7588
  • E-mail at feedback@genetic.edu.sg
  • Feedback and complaint form from the reception area and/or in the website at https://www.genetic.edu.sg/form-downloads/
  • Course Evaluation
  • End-of Module Evaluation (Module, Teachers)
  • Student Satisfaction Survey

2. Upon receipt of the Positive or Negative feedback, Genetic Computer School will acknowledge within the next 1-3 days. The feedback and complaint will be recorded in the central log http://kms.gcsdesktop.com

3. All feedback will be strictly considered as private and confidential.

Feedback and Complaint Procedure

Step 1: Student

  • Provide Feedback and Complaint.

Step 2: Manager of Admin/SAE (within 1-3 Days)

  • Acknowledges the feedback and complaint from the students.
  • Records in the central log.

Step 3: Principal and/or MT (within 1 Day)

  • If complaint, The Principal/MT appoint an investigation officer

Step 4: Investigation Officer (within 2 Days)

  • Gather information, perform the root-cause analysis and provide recommendations. The recommendation shall be filled in Section 2 of the Feedback and Complaint Form and/or in the Central log.

Step 5: Investigation Officer (within 1 Day)

  • Arrange a meeting with the Principal/MT and inform about the proposed recommendation.

Step 6: Principal and/or MT (within 7 Days)

  • Use the recommendation proposed by the investigation officer to come up with a corrective/preventive action plan.

Step 7: Principal and/or MT (within 3 Days)

  • Notify and inform the customer/student and let him/her understand and acknowledge the resolution/corrective action for the complaint lodged.

Step 8: Principal (within 2 Days)

  • Follow-up, verify and evaluate the effectiveness of the corrective action/resolution recommended. Closes the Case if CAP is effective.