1.  Lecture – A prepared oral presentation on a given topic. The content covered is not too lengthy and is combined with other presentation and application methods.
2.  Case study – Students, either individually or in groups, are to analyze a case – a written account of a situation, and present findings and/or recommendations.
3.  Project – Individual, open-book, formative assessment; a collection of students’ works that are associated with the learning outcomes. This collection of work is gathered over the period of the module
4. Independent Study – Students are given an hour in a week to do an independent study where they research, gather information, use their notes, etc. without supervision by the lecturer
5. Written Activities/Lab Activities – Students are given in-class activities or laboratory activities to assess the knowledge and abilities acquired in class and/or the objective of the current class session.


  • All current active courses are taught in a face-to-face or through classroom facilitation and Blended Learning (Asynchronous) delivery method is used.
  • If there is a need for online learning (E.g., asynchronous and/or synchronous), students will be notified verbally and/or through e-mail by the Manager of Admin and/or assigned lecturers. This will be decided by the TLC and/or Board of Academics.