1. Mandatory Attendance Requirements

2. Within the first 30 minutes of the class, the students need to sign the attendance.

  1. If the student does not arrive within the first 30 minutes of the class, he/she will be considered “absent”.
  2. If the student is absent on an account of being sick, and covered by an MC, such MC must be submitted to Student Admin Executive on the next class session.
  3. If the STP/non-STP students are not eligible to take the assessment of the module if it does not fulfill the attendance requirements.

Monitoring of Attendance

Administration of Disciplinary Procedure based on the gravity of the ill-disciplinary problem. The Principal will ascertain whether the misconduct committed by the student is classified as major or minor such as:
(a) rules and regulations of GCS
(b) rules and regulations of ICA and/or Singapore Government
(c) absenteeism without valid reasons and/or with valid reasons
(d) poor conduct or attendance
(e) bad and/or negative behavior within the GCS premise, etc.

Administering the Student Disciplinary Matters

  1. The procedure will be triggered when a misconduct committed by
    the student is reported by the Lecturers, the SAE/SRM, any other
    staff of GCS or members of the public.
  1. The classification of misconduct will, but not limited to the
    (a) Major Misconduct
    (i) Criminal offences prosecutable under Singapore laws;
    (ii) Doctoring of official documents;
    (iii) Immoral/indecent conduct;
    (iv) Cheating, plagiarism or ghost-writing;
    (v) Trespassing, unauthorized entrance and vandalism;
    (vi) Falsification of information;
    (vii) Infringement of the Computer Misuse Act and the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA);
    (viii) Working (STP students);
    (ix) Overstaying (without a valid pass issued by Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA); and
    (x) Smoking, gambling and consumption of alcohol under GCS
    (b) Minor Misconduct
    (i) Disruptive behaviour including the use of vulgarism and/or sleeping in class;
    (ii) Inappropriate dress code;
    (iii) Eating and drinking in prohibited areas;
    (iv) Infringement of rules and regulations while accessing GCS’S computers or any other IT or audio-visual equipment, e.g. smart
    (v) Scanning of student card on behalf of other students;
    (vi) Tardiness; and
    (vii) Infringement of any other campus policies and procedures