Local and International Students

1. Attendance Taking

Students are to sign their attendance in person for each lecture/independent study/sessions in the presence of the lecturer.

It is the responsibility of every individual to ensure their attendance is signed with the lecturer. Below is the attendance requirements:

2. The student is considered absent if he/she arrives in the class more than (30) minutes. The students will sign the attendance twice (1st) within the first 30 minutes of the class and (2nd) signs again 15 minutes before the class ends. The lecturer will conduct a headcount, record the total no. of present and absent in the class and then countersign in the attendance.

3. Only MC issued by a registered GP, Polyclinics and/or private government hospitals are accepted as proof of absenteeism.

Monitoring of Attendance

4. All students will be required to sit for assessment(s) as per requirements of the module or course. They must fulfil the attendance requirements of at least 90% for STP students and at least 80% for local students before they will be eligible to take assessment(s).