• Do always follow Genetic Computer School’s rules and regulations.
• Do adhere to ICA’s regulations as any breach of regulations may lead to
dismissal or cancellation of student’s pass.
• Do show courtesy to your fellow course mates, lecturers, and the school’s
• Do switch off and place your mobile phones in your bags during lessons
and examinations.
• Do try to attend to incoming calls only after the lesson or during break
• Do adhere to the lesson schedule and be punctual in attendance.
• Do switch off the computers after use

• Do not instigate other students to cause disruption which may lead to
inconveniences to all.
• Do not leave the class frequently to attend to phone calls.
• Do not use vulgarities in the school.
• Do not vandalize the school’s properties or cause damage to equipment
and facilities.
• Do not litter
• Do not install or download any illegal software in the school’s computer