• First instalment of the course fee is due within 7 days upon signing the standard Student Contract.
  • For subsequent payments students must follow their respective Student Contract for details about payment.
  • All fees are due and payable by or BEFORE the specified due date in the student contract in Singapore dollars.

Miscellaneous and Non-refundable fees (If applicable)

Purpose of FeeAmount (with GST, if any)
Late Student Pass Renewal processing Fee:
i. Less than 14 days but more than 7 days before date of renewal
ii. Less than 7 days to renewal date

ICA Student Pass Issuance (On Renewal) – Payable to ICA$90.00 + $30.00 (ICA Processing Fee)
Resit Examination Fee$100.00 (per module)
Appeal Fee$50.00 (per module)
Replacement of Genetic Student Card$30.00 (per student)
Replacement of Diploma Certificate$50.00 (each certificate)
Replacement of Transcript$50.00 (per transcript)
Course Transfer Application Fee$50.00
Deferment Application Fee$50.00
Course Materials Fee$400 to $1000.00
Late Payment Fees (7 days after the scheduled due date(s))$50.00
Re-Module – 1st Option
(class arranged within the course duration and module time-table is within the semester scheduling) * This fee will be FPS protected
Re-Module-2nd Option
(class arranged within the course duration but module time-table is not within the semester scheduling) * This fee will be FPS protected

Airport Pickup Services


All Miscellaneous Fees are subject to prevailing GST rates = GST 8% (Yr 2023) and GST 9% (Yr 2024)

All Miscellaneous Fees are non-refundable. The Finance Department will process the refund request within 7 working days from the date of Refund Request/Withdrawal (if eligible).