• The course transfer is subject to the review and approval from the Principal. The maximum processing time for course transfer will not be more than 4 weeks from the point of student’s request to informing the students of the outcome in writing.
  • For students below the age of 18, GCS will seek the approval from the students’ parents/guardians before proceeding with the course transfer request.
  • All request for course transfer should be in writing and be accompanied with a “Course Transfer Form”. Students should download the form from the website or request it from the Manager of Admin/SAE.
  • Manager of Admin will verify the completed/filled form and arrange meeting with the students within 3 working days for counselling.
  • A refund will be processed (if any) within 7 working days and shall be in accordance with the refund policy.
  • “Transfer” means the student changes the course or period of study (from full-time to part-time or vice versa) but remains as a student of GCS.

1.Conditions for Granting Course Transfer

(i)Transfer will only be allowed if the student fulfil the entry requirements of the course to transfer.

(ii) Student can transfer from diploma to certificate or another diploma/higher diploma but different specialization.

(iii) Your transfer from the current course to another course shall be considered as having withdrawn from the current course. Refund policy shall then be applied as per stipulated in the Student Contract.

(iv) Unconsumed fees (if any) which are processed during refund will be transferred to the new course and student will need to pay the remaining amount of the new course.

(v) Any transfer requests must be submitted before the term/intake commencement. Submissions after term/intake start date will apply to the next term instead of the current one.

2. Course transfer is considered as a withdrawal from the current course (deemed withdrawn).

3. For any approved course transfer, any unconsumed fees from the current course is allowed to transfer to the new course with the following conditions:

(i) If the unconsumed course fees are more than the fee payable for the new course, the fees will not be refunded.

(ii) If the unconsumed course fees are less than the fee payable for the new course, the student has to pay the difference.

Course Transfer Procedure

Step 1 – Student

  • Complete the Course Transfer Form and submit to Manager of Admin/Student Admin Executive (SAE).

Step 2 – Manager of Admin/SAE and Student

  • Verify the completed form and arrange meeting with the student within 3 working days for counselling and/or exit interview.
  • Student’s pays course transfer application fee

Step 3 – Manager of Admin/SAE & Student Support Services

  • Conduct counselling to student who request for transfer and ensure that the next course of study is of student’s interest and benefits.

Step 4 – Principal

  • Manager of Admin/SAE submit the Course Transfer Form to the Principal for review and approval or any other actions

Step 5 – Manager of Admin/SAE and Student

  • Manager of Admin/SAE inform the student of the status of the course transfer request

Step 6 – Head of Admin or SAE

  • If qualify for Refund (Yes)

– Head of Admin refund fees to students within 7 working days in accordance with the refund policy

  • If does not qualify for Refund (No)

– Manager of Admin/SAE cancel current Student’s Pass and terminate Student Contract

Step 7 – Head of Admin

  • Update student’s file
  • Login to Lonpac and cancel proposal
  • Inform any other relevant parties within 3 working days

Step 8 – Student and Student Recruitment Marketing

  • Student has to proceed to a new course & application
  • Sign new Letter of Offer