• Genetic Computer School provides an avenue for students to seek resolution for their dispute and grievance in a prompt and efficient manner.
  • A student’s dispute or grievance may arise from any aspect of their educational experience at Genetic Computer School which they believe to be unfair, unjust or unreasonable. This includes unsatisfactory services (e.g. issues in the program/curriculum, poor teaching quality, and issues in the awards, etc.). Where Genetic Computer School policies and procedures exist in relation to student disciplinary/misconduct and academic matters (e.g. appeals against results, termination/expulsion, and suspension) then these will take precedence over the dispute and grievance process.
  • Genetic Computer School has a 3-Level process to assist in the resolution of Student dispute and grievance. These steps have been put in place to ensure resolution with minimum delay and inconvenience to the student. A student who is seeking dispute or grievance resolution should follow the steps outlined below. Each step should be completed before going to the next step.

CPE/SSG Website link: https://www.ssg.gov.sg/cpe/pei.html