The Private Education Act was gazetted in October 2009 to provide the Council for Private Education (CPE) with the legislative powers to regulate the private education sector more effectively and improve its quality. CPE will implement a mandatory registration tier to enhance the standards that private education providers will need to adhere to.

A quality assurance framework, known as EduTrust, will also be introduced to provide a quality differentiation mechanism. (

Both local and international students are required to undertake a CPE-Approved Student Contract upon enrolment into a course with a PEI.

Fee Protection Scheme – Insurance Scheme

Genetic Computer School has in place a Fee Protection Scheme – Group Insurance (FPS-G) to protect for fees paid by student of both local and international students.

The FPS serves to protect for fees paid by student in the event that the PEI is unable to continue operations due to insolvency, and/or regulatory closure.

In addition, the FPS protects the student if the PEI fails to pay penalties or return fees to the student arising from judgments made against it by the Singapore courts.

The Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) is applicable to ALL students (regardless of nationality and the type of passes or permits i.e. Dependent’s Pass, Student’s Pass, Work Permit, etc.).

It is mandatory for all students to apply for FPS and sign a student contract when they enroll for programmes with any PEI with EduTrust Certification or Enhanced Registration Framework (ERF).

Genetic Computer School has appointed Lonpac Insurance Bhd as our FPS insurance provider. Under the FPS insurance scheme, students’ fees are insured by them. In case of events, as stated above, students will be able to claim their unconsumed fees from Lonpac Insurance Bhd.

To view a copy of the Fee Protection Scheme – Group Insurance Policy,

Fee Protection Scheme Group (FPSG) Certificate 2024

For more details of the FPS, please refer to EduTrust Fee Protection Scheme Instruction Manual on TPGateway.