1. Grounds of Deferment are the following but are not limited to: (case by case basis as per evaluated by the Principal)

(a) if the student is ill and is supported with a medical certificate issued by a recognized clinic/principal.
(b) events/circumstances which are beyond the schools/students control such as:
(i) bereavement of direct family members
(ii) natural disaster
(iii) work commitments (if any)
(c) the course have not commence yet.

  1. The requests of deferment is not automatically granted unless approved by the Principal as the Chairman of BoA and approval of deferment does not guarantee the relevant course/modules to be run upon your return.
  2. No deferment will be considered when the course already commences. It shall be considered as deemed withdrawn from the current course. (Refer to Course Withdrawal Policy).
  3. The maximum deferment period is 6 months but subject to review and approval by the Principal.
  4. If the student’s deferment request is approved, the student will need to withdraw from the current course intake and then a new student contract will be signed for the deferment period intake (other procedures shall follow like FPS and etc.)
  5. If the student failed to return on the approved deferred period, it shall be considered as deemed automatic withdrawal from the course.

Important notes on Course Deferment (For Student Information)

  1. Fill up the Course Deferment Form and submit to Student Admin Executive.
  2. SAE will verify the completed form and the relevant documentary evidences submitted.
  3. A refund will be processed (if any) within 7 working days and shall be in accordance with the refund policy.
  4. The maximum processing time for course deferment will be not more than 4 weeks from the point of student’s request to informing the students of the outcome in writing.