The student will receive the timetable after signing the CPE-Approved standard student contract.

It is the responsibility of the students to follow the timetable and fulfil the attendance requirements of the course.

To view the current intakes and schedules, click the link below:

IDWD Daily Class Time Table (January 2023 Intake – Full Time)

Class Intakes for 2024/2025 (CIT, ID, IHD, Specialist Certificate and Specialist Diploma)

Specialist Certificate in Digital Marketing (SCDM) 2024 Intakes

SCDM January IntakeJanuary 11, 2024 to April 5, 2024
SCDM April IntakeApril 11, 2024 to July 5, 2024
SCDM July IntakeJuly 11, 2024 to October 4, 2024
SCDM October IntakeOctober 3, 2024 to December 27, 2024