Disciplinary policy and procedure

All students are expected to maintain a high standard of behaviour. It is expected of the student to exhibit self-discipline and positive conduct. Rules to ensure appropriate behaviour are established and enforced to maintain a safe and orderly environment.

Disciplinary actions may be taken on students who breach the following:
o Attendance policy
o Cheating or attempted cheating during exams or other assessments
o Plagiarism
o Signing in or out for another student on an attendance sheet
o Causing damage to GCS’s property or vandalism
o Committing theft
o Forging medical certificates or other official documents
o Disorderly behaviour, assault, fighting, hooliganism, or possession of a dangerous weapon
o Gambling
o Smoking and/or Vaping
o Possession or taking of illegal drugs
o Violate any Code of Conduct/student discipline rules or policies
o Disrupting any teaching, study, assessment or other activities of the administration of GCS
o Obstructing any staff in the performance of his or her duties
o Disobeying, without reasonable cause, any instruction of the staff, including failing to leave any premise or part of a premise when directed to do so
o Withholding relevant information or furnishing false or misleading information for purposes connected with academic progression or enrolment or proposed enrolment as a student, whether such withholding or furnishing of information takes place before or after the person becomes a student of the programme
o Harassment of GCS’s staff/Lecturer and other students
o Aggressive or hostile behaviour directed towards fellow students or staff
o Bullying (including cyber-bullying); verbal abuse and abuse transmitted electronically such as by email, SMS text messages or other electronic means

Where a student is reported to have committed any disciplinary offences, the Principal may exercise or impose the following penalties:

Stage 1: Verbal Warning.
A verbal warning is issued by the Principal and recorded.
Stage 2: Warning Letter.
A warning Letter is issued by the Admin Manager/Principal and recorded, and student acknowledgement is required. Interviews and Counselling will be carried out where necessary. Up to 1 Warning Letter will be issued.
Stage 3: Expulsion.
Students will be expelled as a last resort if counselling and warnings fail. For STP students, the student pass will be terminated upon completion of the formalities of expulsion.

Pastoral counselling shall be given to students who have Attendance and/or Disciplinary problems to identify what is their difficulties, and personal or other problems to help the student. For students who did not improve after counselling, GCS may take disciplinary actions against them, including barring their examination/coursework submission or as a last resort expulsion.

All students will be informed of the disciplinary policy, via Student Handbook, Orientation and published on GCS’s website.