1. Students are subject to disciplinary action determined by the Principal on any of the following circumstances but are not limited to:

(a) rules and regulations of GCS

(b) rules and regulations of ICA and/or Singapore Government

(c) absenteeism or absence without valid reasons

(d) poor conduct or attendance

(e) bad and/or negative behavior within the GCS premise, etc.

2. Students’ misconduct/offense/bad behavior is investigated by the Head of Academics/Appointed Counsellors who will then determine corrective actions. Disciplinary actions for serious offenses/misconducts/bad behaviours are determined by the Principal. All information is recorded in the Student Counselling Form.

Administering the Student Disciplinary Matters

  1. The procedure will be triggered when a misconduct committed by the student is reported by the Lecturers, the SAE/SRM, any other staff of GCS or members of the public.
  2. The classification of misconduct will include, but not limited to the following:

(a) Major Misconduct

(i) Criminal offences prosecutable under Singapore laws;

(ii) Doctoring of official documents;

(iii) Immoral/indecent conduct;

(iv) Cheating, plagiarism or ghost-writing;

(v) Trespassing, unauthorized entrance and vandalism;

(vi) Falsification of information;

(vii) Infringement of the Computer Misuse Act and the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA);

(viii) Working (STP students);

(ix) Overstaying (without a valid pass issued by Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA); and

(x) Smoking, gambling and consumption of alcohol under GCS

(b) Minor Misconduct

(i) Disruptive behaviour including the use of vulgarism and/or sleeping in class;

(ii) Inappropriate dress code;

(iii) Eating and drinking in prohibited areas;

(iv) Infringement of rules and regulations while accessing GCS computers or any other IT or audio-visual equipment

(v) Scanning of student card on behalf of other students;

(vi) Tardiness; and

(vii) Infringement of any other school policies and procedures.