a. The grounds in which the student can lodge for an appeal:

  • is that the student believes that an error has occurred in the calculation of the  marks;
  • demonstrating that the assessment decision is inconsistent with the published assessment requirements or assessment criteria; and
  • is that the student believes that the decision on examination misconduct is inconsistent with the policy, or there was a denial of natural justice, or the penalty is excessive, or there are new pieces of evidence that were not available at the time of decision. 

b. While the following are not acceptable as grounds for an appeal:

  • the close proximity of the result to another level of grade; comparison with the performance of another student or students;
  • the student’s belief that the result does not commensurate with their effort;
  • issues relating to the permanent residency status or potential status of the student;
  • the visa status of the student;
  • financial difficulties experienced by the student; and
  • issues relating to the employment prospects of the student.

c. Students can only appeal on the results within 14 working days after the date of release.

d. Decisions on the appeal will be communicated to the students within 14 working days after the date of lodging the appeal.