Upon approval of the results from the Board of Examiners, the Admin Manager will distribute the result slip to the respective student. The examination results shall be released within 2 months from the date of examination.

Academic Department shall issue the results of the internal examination, together with the progress report/term results (if any) on a specific date.

In the event, that a student wishes to appeal their results:

  1. Students may, upon notification of the results, appeal by completing the Appeal Form within 14 working days of the assessment results released.
  2. The Academic Department shall acknowledge the appeal and initiate appeal process.
  3. An administrative fee as charged by the External Examination Authority shall be borne by the appellant.

For Internal programmes, the student may submit an appeal by completing the Appeal Form and must pay the appeal fee of S$100.00 (may subject to prevailing GST).

The submission of the appeal must be lodged within 14 working from the results release date. After which no appeal will be accepted.

The outcome of the appeal will be informed to the student in writing within 4 weeks from the date of appeal.