Genetic Computer School recognizes current Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications WSQ statement of attainment (SOA) offered by Genetic where there are current endorsed alignment/mapping documents through a credit transfer.

The credit transfer will be applicable only on the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualification WSQ Statement of Attainment (SOA) offered by Genetic and mapped to its Academic Courses. The credit transfer will be based on the Board of Academics approved course mapping and its module to that of WSQ SOA.

• Not all Academic Courses are mapped to Singapore Workforce Skills Qualification WSQ Statement of Attainment (SOA)
• Please refer to the Approved Credit Transfer Mapping (WSQ SOA to Academic Courses) List

Key Definitions
Course Credit

  • credit is the value assigned for the recognition of equivalence in content and learning outcomes between different types of learning and/or qualifications/certification.
  • Credit reduces the amount of learning required to achieve a qualification/certification.
  • Credit allows the students throughout different processes to enter in a qualification or gain credit towards a component of a qualification/certification.

Credit Transfer

  • credit transfer is a process that provides students with agreed and consistent credit outcomes for components of a qualification/certification based on identified equivalence in content and learning outcomes between matched qualifications.
  • credit transfer allows the students with a previously completed WSQ Workforce Skills Qualifications WSQ Statement of Attainment to apply for credit for another qualification/certification or its component

How Does Credit Transfer Works?

  • Credit transfer is the process where the Genetic Computer school accepts and provides credit from a WSQ course to that of the Academic courses, for units of competency (WSQ SOA) that have been previously completed at Genetic
  • The units should relate to the current course from which the students are to undertake. The student must provide us with evidence of completion, by providing us with certified copy of the Qualification or Statement of Attainment with your application.

How is course credit assessed?
Some of the key elements on how assessment is made for course credit include:

  • Evidence is reliable, valid, and sufficient
  • Evidence is current
  • Evidence can be compared to Singapore Workforce Skills Training outcomes and standards

All course credit transfer will be assessed by the Board of Academics. Any decisions/actions pertaining to student’s/candidate’s credit transfer application will be solely acted upon by the Board of Academics.

Credit Transfer
Genetic Computer School will recognise credit transfer for students that hold an equal unit of competency of the SkillsFuture Qualification Framework WSQ SOA and the preapproved Academic course mapping from BoA. Even if the training package title is different from the one where the unit of competency was completed, the student is eligible for a credit transfer.

Candidates/Applicants may be awarded Credit Transfer for individual units of competency and/or modules.

For more information on the Credit Transfer please contact our Principal and/or Vice-Principal clarity on the policy and process.