1. A student can remodule on the following circumstances:
    (a) The number of failed modules is greater than or equal to 50% of the total modules within the semester and/or total modules of the course and the student has yet to register for a re-sit within one (1) week upon the release of the results.
    (b) Retaking the module more than two (2) times.
    (c) When the student has requested for the teacher’s revision or additional classes in-lieu of module re-sit.
    Note: When the student has not requested for re-module and falls into the above
    circumstances, then he/she will viable for termination.

2. Remodule can be arranged on the following options:
(a) Within the course duration or
(b) After the course duration

• All fees collected for Remodule will be FPS protected.
• The student needs to process the course registration extension and an extension of the
student pass. All costs incurred are to be borne by the students including the remodule fee.

  1. The minimum of two (2) modules can be retaken for two (2) months. The maximum duration of the classes for failed modules is only four (4) months. No more extension will be given to the students.
  2. There will be no instalment arrangement for a re-module fee. All fees shall be paid upon the approval of the remodule from GCS and/or the ICA for STP extension (if applicable).
  3. The highest examination mark that the student can obtain in the remodule is 60.

Important notes on Remodule (For Student Information)

  1. The student must fill-up the remodule form and submit to Student Admin Executive for review and approval.
  2. Pay the required fees (E.g., FPS, remodule, course extension (if applicable), STP extension (if applicable), etc.).