a. The student will be terminated on the following circumstances but are not limited to:

  • Violation of ICA regulation
  • Student’s Pass holders who have been caught working in Singapore are lead to expulsion and deportation as well as the forfeiture of Security Deposit.
  • Misconduct – fighting, gambling, smoking or behaving disorderly.
  • Defamation – spreading untruth and damaging remarks about the School, its staff, or fellow students which are deemed to be detrimental to the good name and reputation of the School.
  • Vandalism, Mischief and/or theft
  • Students who are found to have participated in any willful or negligent acts that result in damage, loss, theft or activities not befitting the good name of the School.
  • Cheating in examinations / tests –   Any form of plagiarism or cheating in tests and examinations may result in disciplinary action, not excluding expulsion from the course.
  • Attendance – Students who do not meet the attendance requirement as follows may result in expulsion.
International Students on Student Pass ≥ 90%
Local Student or Non-Student Pass Holders ≥ 75%

 b. The Student contract will be terminated, the Lonpac Insurance proposal will be cancelled, and the International student has to surrender the student pass immediately upon receiving the Course Termination & Expulsion letter.

c. No refund will be given to the student who is terminated and/or expelled.