• The student is suspended due to plagiarism, cheating, collusion and any misconduct as stated in the academic dishonesty and misconduct policy and procedure.
  • The suspension period will be determined and decided by the Head of Academics and shall be approved by the Principal.
  • Students will be notified of the suspension period.
  • The student is only allowed to attend the class after the suspension duration and no extra classes are given after the suspension period.

For students to take note during suspension period:

1. The student must follow the suspension period

2. During the suspension period, student must study the notes on his/her own because no extra classes will be given.

Course Suspension Procedure

Step 1 – Student

  • Misconduct (Minor and/or Major)

Step 2- Lecturer

  • Submit Misconduct Report to Manager of Admin/SAE

Step 3 – Manager of Admin/SAE

  • Conducts a background check on the student’s past disciplinary/misconduct records (if any)
  • Submit Preliminary Misconduct Report to the Head of Academics

Step 4 – Head of Academics and Counsellor

  • HoA conducts Investigation and/or Disciplinary Inquiry (DI). Fills finding in the Student Counselling Form.
  • Counsellor counsels students

Step 5 – HoA, Principal and Counsellor

  • Review and provides recommendation on the suspension period
  • HoA writes the Disciplinary Report and inform Manager of Admin/SAE of the suspension decision and the period.
  • For severe cases, an expulsion decision will be given. Refer to Termination/Expulsion Policy and Procedure

Step 6 – Manager of Admin/SAE and Student

  • Informs the student of the suspension period and further instructions on what to prepare and do.