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3 Tips To Stay Productive While Working From Home

Tips on working from home

Let’s face it. The notion of working from home sounds exciting as you get to work in your sweatpants and save hours from commuting to the office. Yet, working and living in the same space can be challenging. It gets hard to separate work and play. Plus, you’re likely to end up feeling unproductive.

If you’re facing difficulties staying focused and productive, we’ve got three tips to get you back on track.

1. Establish a routine

Like every typical workday, get yourself up from bed and ready for work. Set a morning routine with the intention of being productive. Jot down tasks that needs to be completed in a to-do list. A routine will keep you grounded while being organized will enable you to focus on work without being distracted by Netflix or Instagram.

2. Designate a workspace

While you might not have a spare room to turn into a mini office, you will need a dedicated workspace to complement your working style. Choose a space that is conducive and free from distractions. It could be a corner at your dining table or even in a guestroom. You can even personalize your workspace to mimic it as an actual office setting.

3. Know when to take breaks

According to a report by Buffer, many remote workers have difficulties unplugging after work. If you’re new to remote work, you might feel that you have to constantly validate your workload. On some days, you could feel overwhelmed by feeling unproductive.

Try to schedule mini breaks or even mindfulness practices such as meditation or a five-minute stretch. It’s important to cultivate a work-life balance to ensure that you don’t burn out from working at home.
Log off from your laptop and enjoy your evenings. Also, it helps to manage practical expectations with work.

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